Our SXSW Talk Now Online


Our talk pitch: Zen masters taught it. Isaac Newton knew it. Scott Adams writes about it. Now you can know it, too. We're talking, of course, about the manifold benefits of being a n00b (at something). And, of course, about all the good stuff that happens post-n00bishness: the excellent side effects of being good at multiple things, even if they're not related - heck, *especially* if they're not related. So many of humanity's important discoveries, innovations and beautiful leaps of logic have been made by people whose brains were leveled up by the cross-fertilization of multiple interests and disciplines. Nano-thin specialization is out, a broad understanding of life, the universe, and everything is in. It's time to synergize, baby. So, reach outside your comfort zone, be a beginner again, and you'll be smarter, sexier, better at your job... even more valuable. With the wisdom of the ages (and a little bit from modern pundits), we'll talk about how, why, when, and where you can go about it. You won't regret it.

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